Alternative treatments to replace antidepressants

Alternative treatments to replace antidepressants

While there are several types of antidepressants in the market right now, people would prefer to try a natural or alternative method before giving the antidepressant a try. Although all people know that antidepressant medications are very effective and give the desired results over a good period of time but they also know the abundance of the side effects that may be caused through the usage of antidepressant medications.

The first alternative treatment is the meditation as it clarifies your mind and body in a very powerful way. Depression is a very sad mode that the patient keep feeling all the time, learning how to meditate will let the patient experience a new thing as well as the clarifying effect that it will induce to his or her body and mind. Remember to practice in a very quite place where no one could interrupt your meditation session.

Light therapy could be very useful in those who suffer from depression during a specific period of the year like fall or winter. Through this treatment, a fluorescent lamp mimics the sunlight causing the brain to secrete serotonin and melatonin to help regulate the biological clock of the body that was affected by the light disturbance through these periods of the year.

Exercising is a very good method of relieving stress and depression as most people who suffer from these symptoms need something to empty their negative charges. Exercising is one of the best ways to do this.

Talking to a therapist is a good idea especially if you are one of those who like to share their thoughts. This will help you understand the situation and the therapist will lead your thoughts toward positive thinking to get you out of the depression mode you have.

There are some herbal and natural remedies that can help in alleviating depression too. One of the prominent examples of these herbs is the ST. John’s Wort. This herb is widely used as a herbal antidepressant in several European countries and because it is an all natural treatment, it has no clear side effects and it also may interfere with some other medications.
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If you intend to take this type of antidepressant herbs, you need to consult your family doctor about the drug interaction between it and any drug that you may intake. It is contraindicated to take the ST. John’s wort while you are using an antidepressant drug. This herb could be used in treating mild and moderate cases of depression.